Founded by two Brothers, our goal is to develop the lacrosse and life skills of youth and adolescent student athletes. Our teams are coached by former college coaches, current high school coaches, former collegiate players and current collegiate student athletes. This will provide the players with college exposure while also developing life skills such as teamwork and leadership. We have a tight connection with an equipment and uniform supplier, this allows us to keep costs at a minimum and focus on our players, not the price.

We are more that just a Summer Tournament team. We play games and train year round to continually improve the players skills and build camaraderie between the players. This translates to better on field performances.

Additionally, having been through the Summer tournament circuit, individual showcases, college recruiting, and now having friends and former coaches in strategic positions we offer players and parents advice on the entire recruiting process. We truly are all about the players and will do anything to help them reach their goals.